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T-ULTRA POLY PY250 is an APP Modified bitumen waterproofing membrane and manufactures by using polymers APP (Atactic Poly Propylene) modified bituminous waterproofing membrane. The compound developed from good quality resins blended with high quality, Straight penetration grade Bitumen & special additives to enable as suitable product to weather resistance and waterproofing application Polymerized bitumen coated on to a dimensionally stable reinforcement core of non-woven spun bond polyester fabric to obtain excellent tensile & tear strengths and puncture resistance.

T-ULTRAPOLY PY250 APP Modified bitumen waterproofing membranes are Torch Applied & ideal for
*General roofing and waterproofing application. On low slope concrete roofs and granules membrane is used for waterproofing of exposed area inverted roofs.
*multi car parks, Bridges & tunnels. Airport aprons & ramp areas.
*foundation concrete underlayment waterproofing,
*sewage work and any cemented, concrete flat surface require waterproofing.

It is produced with 250 gm. /m2.POLYESTER ,The membranes are produced in 3mm, 4 mm thickness standard length 10 meters and width is 1 meter, we have three types surface (PE & SANDED & GRANULES).granules is a high performance roofing membrane surfaced with reflective natural color slates to give maximum protection against UV radiation.

The Surface must be cleaned free from oil, grease, tiny debris particles and nails. Apply OXIDIZED bitumen solvent base (cold applied Primers) as per ASTM D41 to a clean the concrete substrate by Brush, roller or Spray at the rate of 200-300 gm./m2.The primer must be allowed to dry completely before application of the membrane T-ULTRAPOLY PY250 APP membranes are fixed by torch welding., The method is easy to the trained Applicator., The membrane rolls are lined up and spread open over the area to which they are to be laid once the rolls are laid, so that the next overlaps. The first by 10 cm alongside lap. The membrane is then rolled back without changing origin, it is then unrolled again while heating the underside carefully and sufficiently to form melted compound .End of roll joints should overlap a min.15cm,Avoid uneven and excessive torching on surface. The lap joints can be heated from top side to produce thin bed melt compound at the seam, which can be smoothened by trowel to ensure properly welded joints.


STANDARDS: T-ULTRAPOLY PY250 membrane conform to the Requirements of UEATc, ASTM D and EN standards.

STORAGE: T-ULTRAPOLY PY250 Membrane rolls should be stored vertically in a clean covered area that will decrease exposure sun light and Ultra Vault and should not be stacked on top of each other.

SHELF LIFE: T-ULTRAPOLY PY250 Membrane shelf life is 12 Month if Stored as per storage specifications.

SAFETY PRECAUTION: Any naked flame should be kept well away from the gas cylinders , when ignited the torch should be watched at all times ,the torch should not be rested on finish roofing ,extreme care should be taken when working near combustible materials or items which might be scorched by the gas flame.

* Good weather resistance properties (Cold and Heat Temp).
*High build compound ensures stability of the product and High Tensile, tear strengths also
*Recovery properties &Resistant to Sulfate Chloride.
*Superior bonding to concrete, masonry substrates and at seams. High resistance to positive water & vapor pressure

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