Panel light - RND-PL600 series

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"Distinct Light made with symmetric, wide light distribution for indoor lighting uses ceiling boards. Advantages - Ultra- slim LED light panels (only 11 mm thickness) - Wide symetric light distribution - High efficeint power driver - Very stable inside Ceiling Boards - Different installation options - Many sizes and brightness Application - Offices and business centers - Retail stores - General lighting in housing - Reception areas Options: - Warm white 3000K - Autonomous dimming system with five levels - Compact photoelectric cell - Customized designs and colors"
Specification "INDOOR LIGHTS Power: 32 W size: 600×600 mm Color Temp.: 3000-6500 Luminous Flux: 2400 lm"
" Neutral white (>4000K) LEDs) high performance photometry, comfort and safety  Excellent savings in energy and maintenance costs  Maintain performance over time  High-quality finishing  Optional dimming and remote management  Surge protection (10kV)  Diffuse light quality  Surface-mounted version enables luminaire to be positioned anywhere  Available in 30W or 48W versions  Choice of color temperature: 3000 and 7000 K"

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Panel light - RND-PL600 series

  • Model RND-PL602-32
  • Pre Order: Yes
  • EXW Price: SAR0.00

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