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Outer Diameter:
TPF Socket PN25-20 mm

Packing Unit:

Bags in Box:


• Corrosion Resistance: Pipes has the ability to resist the acids and bases that has a high concentration and high temperatures, it’s also highly resistant to all materials used in the building, like cements, gypsum etc...

 • No Accumulation: Because of the nature of pipes internal surface, the softness of this surface does not allow any particles like salts and lime to accumulate internally. 

• Easy to install : Pipes are lighter in weight and easy to install due to the availability of the special parts, in addition to that maintenance will be easier with comparison to the traditional systems. 
• Replacement of a damaged parts will be easier, due to the connections of the pipes together by thermal welding which guarantees homogeneity of the pipes network . 
• Resistance to break: as the flexibility of pipes makes it more resistant to break and easier to handle.

• Maintain the pressure in the network: because of the softness of the internal surface and because of its non-porosity, as this prevents any accumulation, there for prevents any drop in the internal pressure of the network.

• Non- hazardous and health friendly products: as it complies with international Health standards.

• Flexibility: Pipes have enough flexibility to withstand the shakes, vibrations and the expected ground failure for the buildings.

• Thermally and electrically inert: and this helps the water to maintain its normal temperature.

• Transition male piece is extinguished to be internally insulated with PP to prevent any possible oxidation for Brass.

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  • Model TPFS1-20
  • Pre Order: Yes
  • EXW Price: SAR1.20