KIT PARTs(Thrust Ring)

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AlWasail Compression fittings consists of:
(i) Body
(ii)    Lock Nut
(iii)    Grip/Split Ring
(iv)    Thrust ring / Bushing
(v)    O' Rings Material used

Material used
(i)    Body and Lock Nut :
Body and lock nut are made of polypropylene. It has greater rigidity and heat resistance and low moisture absorbency.
(ii)    Grip/ Splits rings :
Grip rings are made of polyacetal which is a strong, hard, highly crystalline thermoplastic and is known as engineering plastic. Polyacetal has high melting point. excellent creep resistance and is highly chemical resistant. The axial floating Grip ring compensates pull stress or thermal expansion.
(ill) Thrust ring / Bushing
Bushings are made of High density ployethylene (HDPE 80064). The characteristics of PE are chemical resistance to solvents, acids and alkalines, toughness and flexibility.
(iv) 'O' Rings:
'O' Rings are made of styrene butadiene-rubber (SBR). The independent 'O' Ring can be removed from the coupling-body and a push ring compresses it, adjusting the seal compression on -the pipe. So it’s also possible to assemble pipes with eliptical features and small mistakes in respect to nominal dimension 


●Thrust Ring
●16 bar
●Nom. Dia (mm): 16

●Polypropylene compression fittings provide the simplest and most economic solution that ensure fast and safe connection and their suitability for reuse are its outstanding features.

●All Compression fittings are available for PE pipe from 16mm to 125mm outside diameter, They are easy to use and do not required specially skilled operatives to install.

●Alwasail compression fittings are designed to confirm with pipe manufactured to UNI. ISO 161/1, IS04437, DIN 8074, DIN 19537, AS and SAS Draft No. 5208 and others.

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KIT PARTs(Thrust Ring)

  • Model WS-RT-16
  • Minimum Production Time: 10 days(s)
  • Pre Order: Yes
  • EXW Price: SAR20.00 /PCS
This product has a minimum quantity of 50000

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