Q. What is VendaZone? 

VendaZone is an online marketplace connecting Saudi manufacturers with domestic and international buyers. As an online B2B Marketplace we enable buyers to search and buy industrial Saudi products


Q. How can I start with VendaZone?

You can start by searching what you are looking for a specific product or by browsing from our categories, then you can discover the product details and compare between similar products. Finally, send a request for a quotation to the vendors and get the latest price.


Q. Does VendaZone sell or supply products?

VendaZone does not sell products. VendaZone gives the access to the vendors to sell their products and all the current products on our marketplace are provided by Saudi suppliers.


Q. Why should I register with VendaZone?


1. Registration is free of charge, once you've registered, you can use your account for all VendaZone products.

2. You will be able to send Request for Quotation (RFQ) to the vendor for a product you're interested in or even send multiple inquiries for multiples products.

3. You can add your interested products to the favorite list. 

4. Get free e-mail updates about new products and Vendors posted on VendaZone.

5. You can contact the vendors after finding your interested products and you can use the button of 'Ask a Question' to get more information about your interested product.

Q. How can I register on VendaZone?

You can register as our buyer by clicking Here.


Q. Do I need to register with VendaZone before I can send my Request for Quotation (RFQ)?
Yes, registration is required.

Q. What can I do if I forgot my registered email address?

Please contact us, we will help you to find it.


Q. What can I do if I forgot my password?

Please click here to request a new password.
If you still could not receive the email, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.


Q. How can I search for products on VendaZone?

You can use two ways to find products as follows:
Start typing in the search bar and use keywords to search for your products.

2. You can browse our categories until you

find a product that you are looking for.

Q. What should I do if I can't find suitable products?

Please try the following:

1. Check the spelling of your keywords and search again.

2. The keyword you are looking for may not be represented in our database. Please try a different related keyword.

3. Send your requests to us directly here, we'll get back to you.