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"DESCRIPTION: TAJ BITUMINOUS PRIMER is a solvent based black bituminous coating to be used as protective coating for concrete and steel surface .it is also used as a curing compound for freshly laid concrete surfaces. USES: Waterproofing &damp Proofing of below ground block work, concrete and pipes prior to back filling. Protective coating for steel surface. Waterproofing for wet areas. APPLICATION METHOD: *Prepare the substrate using a stiff broom to remove all dust and laitance, the concrete should not be green and the surface should be dry before applied. *TAJ primer should be well stirred before use. A brush or roller can be used to evenly coat the Primer to the substrate at the rate of 300 gm/m2 [brush/roller] approximately, coverage is depended on the surface texture and the porosity. *The primer should be tack free dry before applying the membranes. Recommend application on vertical & horizontal. "
Specification "DRYING TIME: Depended on the weather condition and thickness applied, normality drying time will be 12 hours at 30 Degree. PACKAGING: 18 Kg pail and 200 L DRUM. Health & Safety: As with all Bitumen Products caution & storage, avoid contact with food material, eye, skin, mouth and must be using the protective clothing such as Gloves and Gaggle’s. In case accident ingested give amount of water to drink. Keep away from animal, children. Spillage: Clean spillage with any petroleum solvent. Storage: Store under cover and out of Direct Sunlight and protect from extreme temperatures. Reseal: Well the container after use to avoid the characteristic loss. Storage life: Shelf life up to 12 months if storage as per above precaution."
"FEATURES: Economical and Easy to Apply Cold Applied Strong Adhesive with countered Excellent Chemical Resistance"

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